Pickin' N Pullin'
A KCBS State Championship
And A Backyard BBQ Competition
April 29th, 2017

Pickin’ N Pullin’

Backyard BBQ Competition

What is a Backyard BBQ Competition?
A Backyard BBQ Competition is for the guys and gals that know everyone likes their grill skills. Maybe they don't have the time or money to go pro like the KCBS competitors but would love a chance to be crowned king or queen of the grill for an entire year. So why not try out those skills on some other backyard BBQ warrriors for a chance to win some cash, trophies and more importantly those never ending bragging rights!

Entry Fee:
$75.00 per team (Before March 31st)
$100.00 per team (After March 31st)
*Each entry includes 4 wristbands for the festivities on Saturday. Additional wristbands can be purchased for $10/carload. All proceeds go to the Proclaiming Grace Outreach charity.

Friday night's campsite is FREE and will be assigned after you send in your registration payment. You can arrive as early as 9:00 AM on Friday morning. Check out time is 7:00 PM on Saturday. If you wish to arrive early, stay longer or drop some items off before Friday you may call the Rockahock Campground Office (804 966 8362) and reserve your campsite ahead of time. Rockahock has a discounted rate of $30 per campsite for Thursday night and Saturday night.
The cooking sites are actual RV campsites. Most of them have gravel driveways and grass yards. All of the campsites are roughly 75 feet by 25 feet. They also come with water hook-ups, sewer connections and 50/30 amp electric outlets (we sell 30 amp to 110 adapters in our store but they can be purchased at Walmart or Amazon as well). Rockahock also offers cable TV connections and Wi-Fi on most sites. The primitive/overflow sites do not have cable TV. Those sites will be assigned to the late arrivals/registrants if needed.
PS - Rockahock has Cottage, Villa and Yurt Rentals, but hurry they go quick!

Prize Structure:
Grand Champion...........$ 200
Reserved Champion (new).........$ 175
1st Place Pork..............$ 150
2nd Place Pork.............$ 100
1st Place Pork Ribs........$ 150
2nd Place Pork Ribs.......$ 100

Rules are as follows:
In 2017 the Backyard BBQ Competition will use all KCBS rules and regulations with the exception of 2 things:
1) No Garnishments allowed in the box 2) Gas, pellets, charcoal and wood burning smokers are allowed for amateurs.

Download the Printable PDF of 2017 KCBS Rules.

Meat must be:
1) Pork Shoulder, Picnic or Boston Butt
And Pork Ribs (St.Louis or Baby Backs)
2) Supplied by the competitor
3) Inspected by the event staff on Friday, April 28th. Only raw meat in its natural form. No additives (marinades, injections, seasonings etc) before the cook's meeting.

Turn in:
1) 2:00 PM Saturday, April 29th at the Clubhouse.
2) Pork can be shredded, pulled, chopped, sliced or any combination of these.
3) Ribs must be cut into indivdual rib slices (one bone per cut section)
4) Must turn in at least 6 portions of cooked pork and 6 portions of ribs. You will receive two turn in boxes for your pork ribs and pork meat, it is up to you to determine how much you include for the 6 judges that will test your BBQ.
5) Must be sauced before it is turned in to event staff
6) No garnishments

Will be blind judging by the KCBS Judges.

BBQ Teams Schedule of Events

Time Event Location

Monday - Thursday

Early Arrivals Welcome (Campground Rates Apply)

Friday, April 28th, 2017

Teams Arriving - Check-in Starts at 9:00 AM - Meat Inspections upon arrival by event staff.
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM People's Choice Health Inspections (Pro Teams Only) Your Cooking Site
5:00 PM KCBS Cook's Meeting (Pro Teams) Inside Clubhouse
5:45 PM Backyard BBQ Cook's Meeting (Amateur Teams) Inside Clubhouse
6:45 PM to 8:00 PM KCBS Cook's Compound is Open to the General Public Campsites
11:00 PM to 7:00 AM Quiet Time Entire Campground

Saturday, April 29th, 2017

9:00 AM KCBS Judge's Sign-Ins Begin Pavilion
10:30 AM KCBS Judge's Meeting Clubhouse
11:30 AM PNP is Open to the General Public
11:45 AM KCBS Judges in Place Clubhouse
12:00 PM Chicken Turn-In (Pro Teams) Clubhouse
12:30 PM Pork Ribs Turn-In (Pro Teams) Clubhouse
1:00 PM Pork Entry Turn-In (Pro Teams) Clubhouse
1:30 PM Brisket Turn-In (Pro Teams) Clubhouse
2:00 PM Pork Rib Turn-In (Amateur Teams) Clubhouse
2:30 PM Pork Entry Turn-In (Amateur Teams) Clubhouse
2:45 PM - 3:00 PM People's Choice Turn-Ins (Pro Teams Only) Inside Clubhouse
3:15 PM to 4:15 PM (or until it's gone) People's Choice Event Rockadome Amphitheater Kitchen Patio
5:00 PM Award Ceremony Rockadome Amphitheater Stage

Backyard BBQ Amateur Teams will be announced as they sign up. Check back soon for updates

number of teams Team Name State
1 2 Sauced 2 Smoke Virginia
2 B&K BBQ Virginia
3 Bad To The Bone BBQ Virginia
4 Big Ol Boys BBQ Virginia
5 BNB Driving School Virginia
6 Bristow BBQ Virginia
7 Brother Uncle Barbeque Pennsylvania
8 Bubba Joe's Que Maryland
9 ButtMan And Rubbin Virginia
10 Caveman BBQ Virginia
11 Cripple Creek BBQ Virginia
12 Croswell's BBQ Virginia
13 Devil's Triangle BBQ Virginia
14 Double Barrel BBQ Virginia
15 Fire Pigs BBQ Virginia
16 Hot Butts BBQ Virginia
17 Hyzerbomb BBQ Virginia
18 Making BBQ Great Again! Virginia
19 Meat In Your Mouth Virginia
20 Meat Wagon BBQ Virginia
21 Monkey Sushi Virginia
22 Notorious P.I.G Virginia
23 Oinkez BBQ Virginia
24 OLD sALT Bbq Virginia
25 P And P BBQ Virginia
26 P Town Possi BBQ Virginia
27 Pepper Lane BBQ Virginia
28 Pony Pasture BBQ Virginia
29 QU Barbeque Virginia
30 Rock Star Pork Virginia
31 Sauced And Smokin' Virginia
32 South Bowie Smoke Maryland
33 Steel Donkey's BBQ Virginia
34 Stella Que Virginia
35 Tech Smoke Virginia
36 The Smoke Broker Virginia
37 Those People Pulling Pork Virginia
38 Uncle Bears Backyard Que Virginia
39 Up N Smoke BBQ Virginia
40 White Bird BBQ Virginia
41 Wigglestick Barbecue Virginia
42 Wood Juice BBQ Virginia
43 Zen Piggy Virginia